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Washington Presbytery Resources

2024 Per Capita
GA          $  9.80
Synod     $  2.40
WP          $ 37.80
TOTAL   $ 50.00

2024 IRS mileage rate –  67 cents/mile

2023-2024 Presbytery Meeting Schedule and Dockets

2023-2024 Presbytery Meeting Minutes

2024 Annual Report Forms

Pulpit Supply Roster

Applying for Required Clearances

Policies and Manuals


Congregational Mission Development Grant

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The Congregational Mission Development Grant is designed to assist a church / group of churches in creating a missional program that reaches beyond its/their own congregation, fostering repeated missional experiences. Its scope may be restricted to a single event or series of events; it assists only mission trip project needs, not trip travel expenses.The application process is included in the posted brochure.