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Members of Washington Presbytery

Name                                      Category of Membership     Pastoral Relationships (& Other ministries)

                                                        G-2.0503                                G-2.0504

AGNEW, James                     Validated Ministry                  Temporary Supply Pastor: Cross Creek PC

AUSTIN, Donald C.                Honorably Retired                              

BAILEY, James B.                  Honorably Retired

BALDEROSE, Kay                  Honorably Retired                  

BROBERG, Stuart                  Honorably Retired                    

COLEMAN, Don                     Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Canonsburg UPC

COOK, Candace                      Honorably Retired                  

CORBETT, Louise                   Honorably Retired                 Pulpit Supply Pastor: Daisytown PC

CREACH, Jerome                  Member of Pittsburgh Presby.  Temp. Pastor, Stated Supply: Claysville UPC

DYKSTRA, John                     Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Pigeon Creek PC     

ELIASON, Grafton                  Validated Ministry                   Temp. Supply Pastor, First, California              

EMERICK, Jack                      Honorably Retired                  

FRAYER-GRIGGS, Jenn        Validated Ministry                   Temp. Supply Pastor, Peters Creek UP

FREYER, Jason                     Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Laboratory PC     

GRAS, Mary Lynn                   Honorably Retired

HANS, Daniel                          Honorably Retired

HAURY, Clarejean                  HR & Validated Ministry         Gestalt Pastoral Care/Spiritual Director

HEDGES, Robert A.                Validated Ministry                   Resurrection Power

HEFNER, Jason                      Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Faith UPC

HORNUNG, Keith                   Honorably Retired

ISLER, Cinda S.                      Validated Ministry                   Temp. Pastor, Stated Supply: Burgettstown

JOHNSON, Terry                    Honorably Retired

KEPHART, Craig A.                Validated Ministry                   Executive Presbyter, Washington Presbyter                

LIBERT, Ben                           Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: First U.P. Houston

LUCARELLI, Terry                  HR & Validated Ministry         Temp. Pastor: Stated Supply, Grove UP

MASON, David                       Honorably Retired

MERRY, Dan                          Validated Ministry                   Member of Pittsburgh Presby., Temp. Pastor,                                                                                                              Interim, Church of the Covenant

MILLER, Robert                      Honorably Retired                           

MOORE, Tom                         Validated  Ministry                  Installed Pastor: Center, McMurray

NELSON, Arthur                     Honorably Retired

PARKER, Bill                          Temp. Membership                 Temporary Supply Pastor, Hewitt PC

PERRELL, Eric                       Member at Large

POWELL, Eric                         Validated Ministry                   Temp. Pastor: Interim, Chartiers Cross Roads PC

PUFF, Charles                         Validated Ministry                  Temp. Pastor: Stated Sup: Irons Memorial & Raccoon

SCOTT, Benjamin                   Member at Large

SHANNON, Peggy                  Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Chartiers Hill UPC    

SHETTER, Scott                      Validated Ministry                  Installed Assoc. Pastor, Church of the Covenant   

SHOUP, Lesley                        Honorably Retired

SHOUP, Robin                        Honorably Retired 

SMITH, Debbie                        Validated Ministry                   Temporary Pastor: Thomas  

SMITH, Stephen                      Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: First 1793, Washington         

SOBERG, Fred                       Honorably Retired                  

STRATTON, Lawrence           Validated Ministry                   Waynesburg University

TIMKO, Merle                         Honorably Retired

TROTTA, Frank                      Honorably Retired                     

VANDE KAPPELLE, Robert    Honorably Retired

VANDE KAPPELLE, Susan     HR & Validated Ministry        Gestalt Pastoral Care   

VOIGT, Betty                            HR & Validated Ministry         Gestalt Pastoral Care   

WEISS, Gerard H. (Rod)          Honorably Retired

WILSON, Donald                      Honorably Retired

WOOMER, Mark                     Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Monongahela                                                                                                                                      & Stated Supply: Charleroi    

WOOMER, Sharon                  Validated Ministry                   Installed Pastor: Monongahela                                                                                                                                     & Stated Supply: Charleroi


GIBSON,Gary  Presbyterian SrCare  & Wash. Health Care     
LOWE, David Unity PC
MANKEY, Linda East Buffalo PC
NARUS, Rich Avella & Lower Buffalo Churches
SCHAEFER, Patricia Robinson PC
SHAW, Linda Harmony PC
SKARIOT, Fran Cokeburg PC