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  • Minimum Terms of Call for full-time Called and Installed Pastors for 2018
    Minimum 2018 Effective Salary for pastors provided with a manse: must be at least
    $41,035 if utilities are paid by pastor ($36,936 if utilities are paid by church)
  • Minimum 2018 Effective Salary for ministers provided with a housing allowance must
    be at least $52,329.
  • Other 2018 minimums:
    • Professional Development – allowance or reimbursement of at least $1,000.00, documented
    • Travel Reimbursement – an allowance of $2,400 or the 2018 IRS business rate of 54.5¢ per mile.
    • One month vacation (to include four Sundays)
    • Two weeks study leave (six weeks may be accumulated by arrangement)
2015 Board of Pensions Assistance Grant – please click to complete and submit this assistance grant application.
Annual Review of Validated Ministries Form – please follow this link to complete and submit the validated ministries form.

Pulpit Supply Roster


Triennial Visit With Pastor Form

Triennial Visit with Session Form